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TRIAD is the membership program for CTR, including Crypto Talk Radio. Scroll down to view the membership summary and tiers.

For any questions about TRIAD or the community, please visit our Discord channel and register, it's free to join.  If you're not familiar with Discord, it is a community/discussion platform that allows us to interact directly with our members.  As part of your TRIAD membership, you'll also be able to view our weekly live events through a dedicated channel.

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for supporters that want to show ongoing appreciation for programming but don't expect anything in return. 

Cobalt includes the following:


for supporters where Cobalt isn't quite enough. 

With a Titanium membership, you'll get everything included with Cobalt, and the following perks:


for supporters that want ALL the smoke. 

With a Radiance membership, you'll get everything included with Titanium, and the following perks:

  • Access to all versions of the Smoke Report for tokens that were evaluated

  • Access to the full Basic Cryptonomics 101 educational series, including topics never aired on the main podcast

  • Access to podcast audio without ads for the duration of membership

  • TRIAD-only weekly member video with live reserved seat, including AMA where you can ask Leicester anything (respectfully and 'PG-13' rated)
  • Ability to request transcripts of any posted podcast episode

  • Ability to request a revisit of any previously covered crypto (assuming substantial changes)

  • Third party partner benefits such as steep discounts on PC games
  • Video versions of guest recordings (note that these are unprocessed audio, and thus will not sound as good as the podcast audio).

  • An option to get a personalized, handwritten, signed letter.  Yes, in the mail.  Remember those?

  •  A complimentary one-to-one video session (30 minutes) with Leicester for help with cryptocurrency (you can opt to purchase additional sessions separately, or wait until the next monthly charge for another session credit)
  • Airdrops of any cryptocurrency created by, or provided to CTR

  • Access to a cryptocurrency faucet (to be released sometime in 2022) that can be used once per month

  • [NEW] Once-per-year thank you bonus distribution of cryptocurrency that appears to have long-term potential, equal to the value of up to 6 months' paid subscription
  • [NEW] A reserved audience seat to listen to the live recording of each podcast episode (Discord voice channel) - same as live radio!
  • A reserved audience seat for live guest recording sessions (note that these are unprocessed audio, and thus will not sound as good as the podcast audio).

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